The Data Gathering

To bridge the gap between data leaders and explore common challenges faced by various industries, the Data Gathering in Newcastle, organized by SPG, brought together a diverse group of data experts. The main focus of the event was to discuss strategies for gaining C-Suite engagement and proving return on investment (ROI) in data-related initiatives.

The event was attended by prominent figures in the data sphere including Hannah Marshall, who took the lead in steering the discussions from The Learning Curve Group. The Gathering also welcomed several other data leaders representing a wide range of industries, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Attendees were impressed with The Data Gathering format, emphasizing that it went beyond the traditional lecture-style talks. The setup allowed for more enriched conversations, providing valuable insights that participants could take away and apply to their respective fields. Connections were established with individuals from diverse backgrounds, granting attendees access to contacts they might not have met otherwise.

A prominent theme that emerged from the discussions was the importance of prioritizing people over technology in data and analytics initiatives. The general consensus among the data leaders was that hiring individuals with a natural curiosity is paramount. Furthermore, leaders in the data and analytics domain should adeptly communicate the value and vision of their endeavours to the organization, overcoming the people-related challenges that often arise.

As one attendee aptly put it, "A lot of the challenges that we face in the D&A space are predominantly people challenges. Whether it's gaining buy-in from stakeholders, addressing cultural barriers to change, enhancing data literacy, or devising innovative recruitment strategies, the key lies in understanding and resolving the people-related obstacles."

The discussions also revealed that there is ample low-hanging fruit across various organizations—opportunities that can have a significant impact on stakeholders. Demonstrating value through smaller, incremental initiatives was highlighted as a strategic approach to build trust and secure support for larger-scale data projects.

Moreover, participants found great value in engaging with data leaders from diverse organizations, as it led to robust debates, validating the different challenges and opportunities present in the data landscape.

The event served as a pioneering Data Gathering in the Northeast, facilitating connections and knowledge exchange that will undoubtedly drive progress in the data and analytics realm. Attendees left with actionable takeaways, profound learnings, and a strengthened sense of unity among data leaders in the region.

In conclusion, our first Gathering event in Newcastle was a resounding success, laying the foundation for future Gatherings and fostering a community of data leaders committed to driving innovation and growth through data-driven strategies. As the event demonstrated, when data leaders unite, the possibilities for organizational transformation are limitless.

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