The Programme Gathering

The first-ever Programme Gathering at The Dakota Leeds, brought together top programme leaders to exchange ideas across various sectors. The event aimed to address critical topics and foster collaboration among professionals dedicated to ensuring successful program outcomes. Attendees engaged in lively debates surrounding four key topics, emphasizing the need for clear articulation of outcomes, effective budget management, stakeholder engagement, and the importance of the Project Management Office (PMO) function.

Key Topics

Ensuring Clear Articulation of Outcomes and Benefits: Amidst the pressure for immediate results, program leaders explored strategies for effectively communicating and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of desired outcomes and benefits. The discussions highlighted the significance of aligning goals, managing expectations, and continuously evaluating progress to achieve success.

Budget Challenges in Shifting Sands: Managing program budgets in an ever-evolving landscape proved to be a common hurdle. Attendees shared insights on adapting to changing circumstances, employing agile financial strategies, and fostering a culture of responsible financial management to control costs effectively.

Amplifying Colleague and Stakeholder Voices: The event focused on the importance of actively involving colleagues and stakeholders in program decision-making. Attendees discussed methods to cultivate an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are heard, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

The Role of the PMO Function: Recognizing the crucial role of the Project Management Office, program leaders explored its significance in ensuring effective program governance, standardization of processes, and driving organizational success. The discussions highlighted the need for robust PMO frameworks and the alignment of project management practices with strategic objectives.

Attendees' Takeaways

Embracing Peer Reviews and Growth: Participants acknowledged the discomfort of peer reviews but recognized their immense value in personal and professional growth. Honest feedback and constructive criticism were seen as catalysts for improvement and learning.

Utilizing Structured "Graveyards" for Project Closure: Attendees appreciated the concept of "structured graveyards" where projects or ideas can be temporarily shelved but resurrected in the future if necessary. This approach allows organizations to adapt to evolving circumstances without completely abandoning potentially valuable initiatives.

Finding Common Ground Across Industries: Despite operating in different industries, programme leaders discovered common challenges among peers. This realization fostered a sense of community, providing a platform for sharing experiences and collaborating on solutions that transcend industry boundaries.

The Programme Gathering successfully addressed key programme management challenges, highlighting the importance of clear outcomes, adaptive budget management, stakeholder engagement, and the PMO function. Through thought-provoking discussions, attendees discovered shared experiences and solutions, strengthening their professional networks and leaving inspired to shape the future of technology in their respective industries.

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