UK Business Tech Awards Finalists

When we first received the news that our company, SPG Resourcing, had been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Best Tech Recruiter award, we were filled with excitement and a deep sense of validation. This nomination served as recognition for the outstanding work we have been doing since the inception of SPG Resourcing. As a fast-growing Technology Talent Partner within the SPG umbrella, we have been redefining industry standards and delivering unparalleled technology recruitment solutions.

SPG Resourcing operates alongside our sister companies, SPG Transformation and SPG Software, playing a crucial role in providing Digital Transformation and custom Software development services across diverse industries. We established SPG Resourcing in August 2021 in response to the dissatisfaction expressed by clients with the offerings of the IT Recruitment industry. We set out with a clear mission to raise the bar by focusing on quality and integrity throughout the hiring process. Our meticulous candidate screening, comprehensive security clearance checks, and thorough online presence evaluations have become the hallmark of our approach. Our team, equipped with technical expertise and industry knowledge, ensures the technical competence of recommended candidates, setting us apart in the recruitment landscape.

One achievement that earned us the nomination was our invaluable support provided to Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) during their Senior Business Analyst recruitment campaign in 2022. YBS faced significant challenges in attracting and recruiting top Business Analysts due to intense competition. We, led by James Hill, stepped in as a trusted partner, armed with our connections and recruitment expertise. James invested time in understanding YBS’s specific requirements, and together, we achieved exceptional results.

Our recruitment process demonstrated remarkable efficiency and effectiveness, boasting a 100% ratio of CVs received to interviews granted. This highlighted the high-quality matches made between candidates and the desired criteria. Impressively, the subsequent conversion rate from interviews to job offers stood at 80%, showcasing the success of our candidate selection and evaluation methods. By partnering with us, YBS secured top-tier talent and triumphed over the challenging market landscape.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our success. Our team comprises technically qualified vertical market specialists who possess a deeper understanding of the roles they deliver. This expertise allows us to engage in meaningful technical conversations, building trust and credibility with both clients and candidates. Additionally, our unique offering of technical-based interviews, managed by our consulting team, ensures a 92% hit rate against all permanent roles worked. This collaborative approach strengthens our ability to identify and deliver the best talent to our clients.

Our motivation behind entering the awards was to be recognised as a leading Talent agency and technology business. We wanted to showcase our commitment to delivering a superior service and setting new industry standards. Being selected as a finalist reaffirmed our vision and served as motivation to continue being the driving force for positive change within the recruitment industry. It highlighted our ability to consistently provide exceptional results and validated our unwavering dedication to our clients and candidates.

One of our Talent Partners, Jacob Gulliver, shared his thoughts saying:

 “We set out with a vision to do things differently and deliver a superior service to our clients and candidates. In an industry where quality is often sacrificed in a race to the bottom with regards to time and cost, the success we’ve had over the past 2 year has confirmed that there is a better way to do things. To be recognised for this award is the icing on the cake and motivates us to continue to do what we do and be the change in the recruitment industry.”

As a finalist for the Best Tech Recruiter award, we are immensely proud of the recognition we have received for our exceptional work at SPG Resourcing. This nomination serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the technology recruitment landscape. We will continue to strive for excellence in delivering unparalleled technology recruitment solutions.

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