Architecture as a Service (A3S)

Just like insurance, Solution, Enterprise and Business Architecture is rarely appreciated until something goes wrong. Often seen as an unnecessary cost, an overhead or an inhibitor to speed and progress, the discipline of good architecture is incredibly important in any complex environment.

Done right, Architecture aligns corporate strategy, business objectives and technology operations with user needs. Furthermore, solid architectural foundations provide the basis for greater stakeholder confidence, better investment forecasting and a greater understanding of success. Consisting largely of deep, organisationally embedded work, architecture resources can be difficult to scale, as project and delivery demand ebbs and flows against the backdrop of the foundational architectures that underpin business-as-usual operations.

Our ‘Architecture as a Service’ offering (A3S) solves this problem by providing first-class, highly experienced architects to either supplement your existing team, or establish an entirely new capability. Bringing best-practice and real-world experience across a variety of subject matters, we define and deploy best of breed architecture tooling, standards, policies and procedures from inception through to delivery.

A3S establishes the underpinning architectural methodologies that are key to delivering successful outcomes, enabling business value and enhancing performance. From individual platform replacements to turnkey digital transformations, our team brings deep knowledge and expertise to address your most complex architecture challenges.

Key A3S Features:

  • Guaranteed quality architecture capability with concierge services.

  • Breadth and depth of skills and expertise harnessing the wider SPG Architecture

  • Community.

  • Reduced risk of corporate memory loss e.g., on contractor exit.

  • Technology strategy planning, evaluation & analysis.

  • Business case creation and evaluation.

  • Solution cost benefit analysis, TCV and TCO calculations.

  • Development of architecture practices and principles.

  • Solution assurance, governance and review.

  • Technology environment discovery and evaluation.

  • Generation of standards, design patterns and techniques.

  • Review and optimisation of architecture teams & organisational structures.

Key A3S Benefits

  • Cost certainty via a fixed subscription fee

  • Reduced cost through use of approved standards & platforms

  • Creation or revision of a defined strategy for technology environment

  • Mitigated risk of uncontrolled or ungoverned solutioning

  • Confidence in procurement process due to stringent assurance

  • Ability to accurately forecast forthcoming budgets

  • A known-good, validated roadmap for technology platforms & solutions

When it comes to architecture excellence, the only way to be sure is to make sure.
A3S makes sure.

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