Customer Experience

To deliver an outstanding Customer Experience (CX), it’s essential to have a clear and achievable goal. The world of CX has changed and as customers, we’ve all become more demanding as many services have moved online. Provision of first-class customer experience can be secured with the help of technology, but there’s much more to it than technology alone.

Prior to any technological solution definition we adopt our Lightning Insights approach, to determine minimum viable views of the following CX inputs:

  • Customer Journey

  • Customer Contact Strategy

  • Channel Strategy

  • Target Operating Model

  • Organisational Insight

  • Workforce Optimisation/Planning Approach

This may seem like a lot to get through quickly, but the key principle at play is that of “minimum viability” – in other words, developing these strategies in real-time as incremental successes are delivered along the way, continually learning and building as we go. Through this activity, we’ll understand the drivers and goals underpinning your customer experience project. Perhaps you’d like to optimise your CX processes in order to reduce engagement friction, or to realise the efficiencies that technology can unlock. Either way, it’s essential that a real-world method for setting-out, recording and measuring improvement is defined. That’s just the start.

Our goal

Our goal as your trusted delivery partner is to reach what we call “Appropriate Business Immersion”. In effect, this means that we’ll understand everything about your constraints, aims and goals – at the appropriate level of detail – to deliver the result. Business Immersion reveals the aspirations of your organisation, the key facts about its current state, and an understanding of where the problems are.
Armed with the input data gathered via our Lightning Insights process, and now operating at the level of Appropriate Business Immersion, we’ll deploy a tailor-made toolkit of competencies and capabilities that will solve the business problem, deliver the defined benefits and serve as the solution on which success will continually evolve.

We help organisations with all things CX related, from mapping out the best-case (and worst-case) customer journeys, to designing the best user experience possible. We’ll plan, design and deploy the technical and operational initiatives that will allow your customer services teams – and customers themselves – to flourish.

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Our team have worked on some of the biggest transformation projects and for some of the world’s largest organisations. We’ll bring that experience to you, tailored to achieve your goals.

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