Data, Analytics and BI

Data is only insightful if it’s presented intelligibly. The neo-traditional approach of simply storing everything forever is no longer the answer, resulting in fragmented silos of unstructured and incomprehensible data that is rendered unusable.

Maximising the use of data assets, ensuring consistency of taxonomy and mitigating the risk of spurious or duplicate data is best achieved through the implementation of an end-to-end solution which encompasses strategy, policy and procedures. Leveraged correctly, data-led insight provides opportunities for greater digital acceleration, better user experiences and
more accurate, predictable reporting.

We have extensive experience in the successful definition and delivery of Data Strategies, Transformation and Delivery for (and on behalf of) our clients. Our best-practice themes, actions and work streams are replicable cross-sector, providing a framework to assess, assure and iterate the strategic organisational data roadmap. We provide a series of value-driven services encompassing all aspects of the data lifecycle, including:

  • Data Architecture

  • Data and Platform Engineering

  • Data Governance, Data Quality and Enterprise Information Management

  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

  • Data Migration

In addition to the best-practice framework, tools and techniques, our focus is also concentrated on a variety of important fundamental data attributes such as classification and security specifications, data flows and patterns throughout the organisation and the physical characteristics of data assets. A successful engagement results in consumable, usable and valuable data being presented in a digestible and understandable way.

Only then does data truly become insight.

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