Lightning Insights

  • What is our ideal outcome?

  • What are the real issues?

  • How can we increase our chances of success?

  • And what is our quickest and easiest way to get there?

Change is hard. Transformation is challenging and often felt throughout an entire organisation, impacting people, processes and the wider business. But unless your Transformation initiatives have clearly defined answers to the questions above, your chances of success are greatly reduced (assuming you know what success looks like).

So how do you work out where you need to get to safely, quickly and easily, yet with maximum benefit? Mobilising a “Discovery” process is often where many teams start. The problem with discovery is that it’s long and drawn out. The window between inception and results is usually long, and all too often we see discovery exercises prioritising quantity over quality. Furthermore, the traditional approach of waiting until completion of the end-to-end discovery process prior to commencing the real work creates a vacuum, driving additional lost time, increased costs and greater uncertainty in the interim.

Many of our clients tell us they have “discovery fatigue”, with different internal and external parties asking the same repetitive questions in the search for a better – or even different - answer. In doing so, the in-house subject matter experts feel frustrated by the lack of progress; frustrated by the repeated requests for seemingly irrelevant information; with Stakeholders also growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of change, progression and ultimately, results.

We do things differently at SPG. We know there’s a better way, a tried and trusted framework developed in conjunction with some of our biggest clients and our greatest successes. The SPG way is driven through our Lightning Insights approach.

We apply sector specific knowledge at pace. Replacing lengthy discovery projects with highly effective, short, sharp, value-driven bursts of activity that produce results – fast.

By quickly determining the goal, establishing continuous feedback loops and enacting value-driving change at every opportunity, we proactively seek out the biggest challenges in your defined path to success and address these head-on, clearing the way to realising your ideal outcome in the shortest time possible.

What makes SPG different? Put simply, Lightning Insights equips us to “Be The Change”.

Be The Change_

Transformation solutions with real world impact.